zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Favourite Pins #

ik ben aan het 'Sonjabakkeren' geslagen. 
En daarbij hoort fruit. 
Daarom mijn Favourite Pins geheel in het thema fruit!

Persnickety Plates: Fruit Pizza. I made this for my college roommate from India...she was extremely suspicious of "fruit pizza" but loved it. Who doesn't?

Fruit. I must have a good heart considering I love eating watermelon and blueberries :)

Watermelon fruit salad grill @LaTasha McClendon-Dove McClendon-Dove McClendon-Dove McClendon-Dove McClendon-Dove McCracken

Fruit infused Water Recipes. This is also cool for special occasions: The red, white, and blue for the Fourth, green and red for Christmas..I could go on.

chocolate kiwi pops!!!

From Runway to Room: Fruit Patterns

Fat flush water

Fruit water

Fruit Water

Heerlijk ! Ik hou echt van fruitwater. 
Zelf doe ik er altijd een limoentje en een citroentje in, 
lekker fris !

X. Danielleeee

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